Population: 5 728 010
NFP: Ministry of Immigration and Integration (general migration affairs) ; Ministry of Foreign Affairs (JVAP incl. database)
Involvement: Since 2006

The main migration policy instruments in Denmark:

Non-exhaustive list of key policy documents in the area of migration:

National legislation in Denmark:

  • 1984: Danish Aliens Act, entered into force in February 1984 and has been amended several times since.
  • 1998: Integration Act, entered into force on January 1, 1999 and has been amended several times since.
  • Consult Denmark’s database of national law for the most recent amendments.
  • EU legislation:
  • Consult the adopted EU legislation on Migration and Home Affairs
  • Denmark has an opt-out in the area of migration and home affairs
  • Ratified international treaties:
  • 1952/1968: ratification of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol.
  • 2003: ratification of the 2000 Protocol on Trafficking in Persons.
  • 2006: ratification of the 2000 Protocol on Smuggling of Migrants.

The main ministries in charge of migration affairs in Denmark:

  • Ministry of Immigration and Integration: Together with its subordinate authorities it is the main body dealing with migration affairs, including immigration (residence and work permits); the reception of asylum seekers and the asylum procedure; socio-economic integration; migration data; return and readmission.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: visa and consular affairs; foreign policy aspects of migration; international development cooperation with countries of origin and transit of migration.
  • Ministry of Justice: responsible for border management and irregular migration (National Police), however, legislation is under Ministry of Immigration and Integration.


Last update: January 2019