Population: 1 815 698
NFP: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Communities
Involvement: Since 2006

The main migration policy instruments in Guinea-Bissau:

Non-exhaustive list of key policy documents in the area of migration:

  • 1976: Ratification of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol.
  • 1979: ECOWAS Protocols on the Free Movement of Persons, Right of Residence and Establishment (1979, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1990)
  • 1989: Ratification of the 1969 AU Convention Governing the Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa.
  • 2007: Ratification of the 2000 Trafficking in Persons Protocol.
  • 2010: Act No. 6/2010 amending Act No. 2/1992 on nationality followed by the consolidated version of the Act.
  • 2011: Law to Prevent and Combat Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children.

The main ministries in charge of migration affairs: 

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Communities: in charge of the State's relations with the diaspora; protection of national nationals abroad.
  • Ministry of Internal Administration: in charge of immigration management; border management
  • Ministry of Economy and Regional Integration: Coordination of the National Platform on Migration and Migration Policies.


Last updated: September 2018