Population: 4 301 018
NFP: Ministry of Interior and Decentralization
Involvement: Since 2006

The main migration policy instruments in Mauritania:

Non-exhaustive list of key policy documents in the area of migration: 

  • 1964: Decree No. 64/169 of 15 December 1964, amended by Decree No. 65/110 of 8 July 1965 on the immigration system.
  • 1972: Ratification of the 1969 AU Convention Governing the Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa.
  • 1987: Ratification of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol.
  • 2003: Law No. 25/2003 of 17 July 2003 on the suppression of trafficking in persons.
  • 2005: Ratification of the Trafficking in Persons Protocol and the 2000 Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants.
  • Decree No. 2005/022 laying down the procedures for the application in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania of the International Refugee Conventions.
  • 2007: Ratification of the 1990 International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families.
  • 2010: Law n°2010-021 of 10 February 2010 on the fight against the smuggling of migrants.
  • 2010: National strategy for better migration management.
  • Order No. 2010/394 establishing border crossing points.
  • Decree 2012-031 establishing the method of securing the residence card.
  • Prime Minister's Decree No. 2012.235 of 3 October 2012 establishing the National Migration Management Committee
  • Prime Minister's Decree No. 1750 laying down the rules for the organisation and functioning of the National Executive Secretariat for Migration Management
  • Prime Minister's Decree No. 472 appointing the President and members of the National Executive Secretariat for Migration Management.

The main ministries in charge of migration affairs :

  • Ministry of Interior and Decentralization: in charge of border management and passport issuance; drafting legislation on entry, stay, asylum and refugee issues; management of Mauritanian repatriated refugees; lead agency of the Inter-ministerial Technical Committee for the National Migration Strategy.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation: in charge of consular services; issuing entry visas to Mauritanian territory; protection and assistance to Mauritanians living abroad.
  • Ministry of Justice: Smuggling of migrants.
  • Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Employment: issuing work permits.


Last update: November 2018