Paris, 24-25 April 2014, hosted by France. 

Participating States worked to identify good practices and concrete initiatives with regard to managing the movement of persons during the crisis phase, their stay in host countries and the return of displaced persons in the post-crisis phase, with the aim of establishing or strengthening regional cooperation and coordination mechanisms. 

They also sought to identify cooperation and coordination mechanisms to maximize the contribution to development of migrants and refugees in Europe and in Africa, in a crisis and post-crisis phase.

Madrid, 5-6 November 2013, hosted by Spain and co-chaired by Morocco. 

Partner countries met to exchange and strengthen regional synergies on border management in order to address the challenges of porous borders and lack of operational cooperation at both inter-agency and international level, which compromise regional integration efforts and free movement at the regional level.

This infographic looks at cross-border cooperation in an area where local communities are separated by an international border. In the African context, these cross-border communities are numerous and require special attention and cooperation of the concerned States.