This workshop will open a three-day sequence planned for Paris in April 2021 which will bring together the member countries of the Rabat Process for several meetings which had to be postponed due to CoVid-19.

Entitled "International Migration and Development: Integration of the Migration Dimension into Development and Development Cooperation Policies", the general objective of this workshop is to improve the understanding and knowledge of policies and strategies integrating the link between migration and development as well as their monitoring and implementation in the region of the Rabat Process.

Above all, it will be a question of exchanging good practices on the operational side, in particular the establishment of orientation, monitoring and coordination tools for national and/or regional development and development aid policies integrating migration. In order to feed the discussions during this workshop and to shed concrete light on the topic, a cartography of policies and action plans linking migration and development of a dozen partner countries of the Rabat Process is underway and will be presented on the day of the workshop.

Three working groups are planned for the second part of the day. They will relate to (i) the formulation of policies and strategies in the area of migration and development, (ii) the governance and monitoring procedures for policies and strategies in the area of migration and development and (iii) the strengthening of Euro-African and South-South cooperation and partnerships.

This day will bring together technical experts, researchers, and political decision-makers from member countries, international organisations and civil society. It is a meeting organised and funded by France, with financial support and expertise from the Secretariat of the Rabat Process, implemented by the International Centre Migration Policy Development (ICMPD).