This infographic suggests ways how Rabat Process partner countries could support diaspora engagement for the development of countries of origin.

The infographic features seven action areas for countries aiming at strengthening their links with their diaspora. Among African Rabat Process partner countries, around 65% already have put in place a national institution mainly in charge of diaspora questions. Around 15% also have a national strategy or diaspora engagement policy.

The infographic is linked to the Rome Programme, in particular its specific objective to "Promote the positive potential of migration and of the diaspora, both for the country of origin and the country of destination". It is part of a series that was developed with the aim of sharing knowledge and good practices between actors concerned by migration and development questions. It was funded by the EU and elaborated by a consortium involving ICMPD and FIIAPP, in the framework of the third phase of the Rabat Process Support Project.

Consult and download the infographic: Promoting Diaspora Engagement