This infographic shows the evolution of the Rabat Process, an intergovernmental migration dialogue, during almost a decade of its existence from its launch in 2006 until 2015.

The Rabat Process, also known as the Euro-African Dialogue on Migration and Development, brings together more than 60 partner countries and organisations from North, West and Central Africa and Europe, as well as the European Commission (EC) and the Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), who openly discuss key migration and mobility issues.

The infographic shows the continually increasing momentum of the Process which moves towards operationalisation and the implementation of concrete activities.

This infographic was funded by the EU and elaborated by a consortium composed of ICMPD and FIIAPP in the framework of the third phase of the Rabat Process Support Project.

Consult and download the infographic: The evolution of the Rabat Process