This infographic illustrates international cooperation in the area of integrated border management at the bilateral, multilateral and local cross-border levels.

It is based on the Guidelines for Integrated Border Management (IBM) in the External Cooperation of the European Union. It focuses on the third pillar of this concept - international cooperation - and gives an overview of key actors and concepts of integrated border management.

The aim of this infographic is to provide information about the different levels of cooperation:

  • The political level (dialogue, agreements) and the operational level (trainings) between States and international actors (international organizations, non-governmental organizations, private stakeholders) who are present in the area of border management.
  • The coordination at the local and cross-border level (information and data exchange, material, procedures) and joint activities (patrols/controls and common searches, etc.) taking place at border crossing points

The infographic is part of a series that was developed with the aim of sharing knowledge and good practices between actors concerned by migration and development questions. It was funded by the EU and elaborated by a consortium involving ICMPD and FIIAPP, in the framework of the third phase of the Rabat Process Support Project.

Consult and download the infographic: International Cooperation in the Area of Integrated Border Management (IBM)