guide on the use of migration data in Ghana developed in 2014 and covering the period 2013-2015.

Goals and added value of the Guide

Initial finding

Weak use of migration data to support decision-making and project development in this area.

Problems treated by the Guide

  • Identification of data holders and users
  • Creation of a directory of collected and missing data
  • List of available tools (reports and databases)
  • Presentation of key tools
  • Highlighting of good data practices
  • Defining of palliative solutions for recurring problems
  • Development of a roadmap to improve the situation


  • Clarification of the status of data
  • Training of informed and coordinated data users
  • Strengthening dialogue between the stakeholders involved
  • Harmonisation of decision-making processes at national level

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A project funded by the EU and implemented by a consortium composed of ICMPD and FIIAPP.