Irregular migration is a common challenge that affects all countries of origin, transit and destination. A high-level thematic meeting of the Rabat Process will take place on 5th and 6th July 2022 in Madrid, Spain, to specifically address cooperation in the field of border management. The meeting will be co-chaired by Spain, as current Chair of the Rabat Process, and Morocco. The encounter will serve as a forum for the Rabat Process partners to find common spaces for understanding and collaboration, as well as an occasion to strengthen and build relationships. A practice-oriented agenda will enable the participants to share experiences and learn more about the recent developments in the area of border management.

Building on previous work on border management

The meeting will follow up and build on the discussions that took place at the previous border management meeting within the Rabat Process, in July 2019 in Madrid. This year’s meeting will be the opportunity to update and complete ideas that were discussed at the time, while taking into account the effects of recent developments such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the new geopolitical situation. Border management is a priority linked with Domain 4 (irregular migration) of the Marrakesh Action Plan which addresses border management in its objective 7, by calling to build capacities of public institutions with competency in the areas of integrated border management and the prevention and fight against migrant smuggling and trafficking in human beings.


Objectives: discussing challenges, strategies and action

The upcoming meeting will be the occasion to discuss the latest developments related to border management in the Rabat Process region and assess the main challenges. The objective is also to discuss and propose strategies for joint action and good practices for regional cooperation in the prevention of irregular immigration and the fight against migrant smuggling networks, as well as to facilitate licit circulation of persons and goods. Furthermore, initiatives to prevent the violation of human rights by criminal organisations shall be proposed as a priority axis for external action among the countries of the Rabat Process.

A practice-oriented agenda

The meeting will be practice-oriented and take a three-step approach to address the topic. It will start by assessing the context and challenges, before addressing actions in support to cooperation and discussing how to put strategy into action. Two working groups will be formed to discuss distinct, practical approaches addressing aspects such as information exchange, operational cooperation, and facilitation measures for local and regional trade.

Rabat Process partners are invited to register before 21st June 2022.