Luxor, 8-9 November 2017, hosted and chaired by Egypt.
The trilateral thematic meeting brought together the representatives of the AU-Horn of Africa Initiative, the Khartoum Process, and the Rabat Process. For the first time, the partner countries and organisations taking part in these three processes, as well as thematic experts, came together for a trilateral meeting, chaired by the presiding countries of each process.

Sharing experiences to formulate joint recommendations

Throughout the two-day event, the participants shared their experiences and good practices across the geographic “boundaries” traditionally defining the membership of the three dialogue initiatives. The meeting resulted in Technical Conclusions, putting forward recommendations based on the thematic exchanges at the meeting, as well as Joint Chair’s Conclusions, particularly focusing on enhancing synergies between the three processes.

Unaccompanied minors in the context of human trafficking and people smuggling

In a series of plenary and breakout sessions, the participants addressed the matters of smuggling of migrants and trafficking in human beings, with a focus on unaccompanied minors. The meeting focused specifically on:

  • knowledge and information sharing for the prevention of child trafficking;
  • international and national counter responses and strategies against the smuggling of unaccompanied minors;
  • child protection in the context of trafficking and smuggling.

In addition, the Joint Valletta Action Plan (JVAP) database and the Global Compact on Migration were presented.

Outcome: Thematic Conclusions and Joint Chair’s Conclusions

In the final conclusions of the meeting, the participants recommended to focus efforts on the areas of prevention, capacity-building, protection, and coordination. Moreover, they highlighted the importance of taking into account the best interest of the child when protecting children in the context of human trafficking and migrant smuggling.

In addition to the thematic conclusions that were drawn from the presentations and debates, the trilateral chairmanship also issued Joint Chair’s Conclusions. The chairmen agreed to enhance operational synergies, advance joint efforts in addressing the common challenges, and expedite information flow between the AU-Horn of Africa Initiative, the Khartoum Process and the Rabat Processes. The draft Joint Chair’s Conclusions have been agreed and endorsed by the relevant decision-making mechanisms of the AU-Horn of Africa Initiative, the Khartoum Process and the Rabat Process.

Consult the meeting documents:

Photos of the meeting were taken by Ziad Abdelbasit