The Kingdom of Spain currently acts as European Chair of the Rabat Process. Spain succeeded Equatorial Guinea, which handed over the African Chairmanship on 18th November 2021. It is the first time that Spain, a founding member of the Rabat Process and member of the Steering Committee, formally takes over the alternating Africa – EU annual Chairmanship.

Video interview: Spain’s Chairmanship of the Dialogue

In a video interview, José Luis Pardo, Ambassador for Migration of the Office of Migration Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain, outlines Spain’s priorities and vision for its Chairmanship.

Priorities and programme

Spain has always been committed to the Rabat Process and aims to advance the Dialogue, while keeping it firmly rooted in its founding principles of openness and cooperation. The Spanish Chairmanship is guided by the conviction that migration flows must be managed jointly and require a global and multi-dimensional approach to make migration safer for migrants and their families and more orderly and regular for origin, transit and destination countries. Spain views the Rabat Process as an instrumental contribution to finding political and operational common ground. Furthermore, the Spanish Chairmanship plans to increasingly contextualise the activities of the Rabat Process by taking into account other intergovernmental and global frameworks.

Spain considers face-to-face meetings as one of the strengths of the Rabat Process. The Spanish Chairmanship therefore plans to organise high-level physical meetings in 2022, after a Dialogue programme that has been predominantly based on virtual meetings due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Spanish Chairmanship will address all five Domains of the current multi-annual strategic framework, the Marrakesh Action Plan.

The programme addresses Domain 3 (international protection and asylum) and Domain 5 (return, readmission and reintegration) while paying special attention to Domain 1 (migration and development, root causes), Domain 2 (legal migration and mobility) and Domain 4 (irregular migration, human trafficking and smuggling) through the organisation of high-level meetings.

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Role of the Chair

The Chair of the Rabat Process is a driving force, shaping the Dialogue:

  • Each Steering Committee member may act as Chair for the duration of one year, always alternating between Africa and Europe.
  • The Chair’s role is to provide fresh impetus to the Dialogue, moderate strategic meetings and to help find consensus among diverging positions.
  • The Chairmanship of the Dialogue is based on a tripartite / troika model including the outgoing, current and future Chair.