On 3rd June 2019, France assumed the alternating Chairmanship of the Rabat Process. Burkina Faso, the previous Chair, handed over to France after the end of its term, during a Steering Committee meeting.

Ambassador Jean-Marie Bruno, Head of the International and European Affairs Department, at the General Directorate for Foreigners in France of the French Ministry of the Interior, stressed that France would ensure the implementation of the Marrakesh Action Plan and would work to develop the operational dimension of the Dialogue in order to increase its political relevance. He also indicated that France would take action to ensure that the new working modalities endorsed at the Ouagadougou SOM, which encourage a more inclusive and participatory Dialogue, are implemented.

Past and future priorities

In the video below, representatives of France and Burkina Faso express their views on the past and future priorities of the Dialogue, the role of the Secretariat, and the importance and impact of a regional Dialogue such as the Rabat Process on migration:


France has chosen three thematic priorities for its Chairmanship:

  • To strengthen the capacities of countries of origin in the fight against migrant smuggling and trafficking in human beings;
  • To promote diaspora engagement for the development of countries of origin, in particular through remittances;
  • To explore questions related to return and reintegration.

While the first two priorities have been successfully addressed by activities, several face-to-face meetings had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis. In response to these changed circumstances, a new programme was developed which builds on virtual meetings, policy briefs and audio-visual tools until face-to-face meetings are possible again.

Equatorial Guinea will take over the alternating Chairmanship in December 2020.

Consult the calendar of upcoming activities to see the up-to-date programme during France's chairmanship of the Rabat Process:

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Role of the Chair

The Chair of the Rabat Process is a driving force, shaping the Dialogue:

  • Each Steering Committee member may act as Chair for the duration of one year, always alternating between Africa and Europe.
  • The Chair’s role is to provide fresh impetus to the Dialogue, moderate political meetings and to help find consensus among diverging positions.
  • The chairmanship of the dialogue is based on a tripartite / troika model including the outgoing, current and future Chair.

Learn more about the governance of the Rabat Process here: Governance and Stakeholders