The Euro-African Dialogue on Migration and Development, also known as Rabat Process, relies on active participation by all partner countries and organisations. Hence, inputs and collaboration are crucial determinants of the Dialogue`s success. In this sense, National Focal Points play a key role in the Rabat Process as they act as intermediaries between the dialogue and the national administrations of the partner countries.

NFPs: A platform for exchange

In response to the results of the informal survey distributed to National Focal Points (NFP) in 2016, the Rabat Process Secretariat has developed Terms of Reference, designed to guide newly appointed NFPs and to help them to get acquainted with their role. The inputs provided by NFPs, collected and presented in the video made in 2015 entitled “the role of National Focal Points in the framework of the Rabat Process”, were also a source of inspiration in the drafting of these terms of references.  As pointed out in the video, NFPs “have a role of coordination and advice” that applies also at national level “where the position of various administrators have to be coordinated”. The key role of the NPFs in “creating a network of officials capable of exchanging information, finding solutions and setting agendas”, was also underlined, something which is fundamental to set the basis for a long-term cooperation.

Terms of Reference: defining responsibilities and roles

The Terms of Reference for National Focal Points have been approved by the Rabat Process Steering Committee and shared with partners.  They provide details of the roles and responsibilities of focal points and underline their pivotal role in increasing ownership of the Rabat Process at the national level and ensuring the smooth flow of information between the dialogue and the national authorities. By liaising with and mobilising colleagues with specific expertise to attend dialogue meetings, focal points also help to ensure high-quality technical inputs for thematic meetings.

Creating long-lasting partnerships
Together, the National Focal Points of the Rabat Process form a Euro-African network of government representatives in charge of migration-related tasks within their respective national administrations. Such a network has real potential for the sharing of knowledge and best practices, and helps to pave the way for multilateral partnerships and increased cooperation in the field of migration and development. The fruitful exchanges and networking between National Focal Points are not limited to dialogue meetings but are continued at a distance. To serve this purpose the Secretariat facilitates communication among National Focal Points through different communication channels, such as the private space of the Rabat Process website (where focal points can access relevant documents related to past or present meetings).

Useful links
The Terms of Reference can be accessed in both French and English in the private space of the document repository on this website.

For more information or to obtain a copy of the Terms of Reference, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..