The first exercise in the Rabat Process scenario-building programme will take place on 16th June 2021. This exercise, organised in partnership with the Mixed Migration Centre (MMC), will focus on the role of technology within migration dynamics.

It will examine how the evolution of transportation technologies, mobile telephony, biometric border technologies, smartphones, and social media work to structure and facilitate migration. The interactive exercise will take place virtually and is open to interested Rabat Process partners.

Technological trends and their impact on migration

During the first scenario building exercise, participants will first become familiar with the key concepts of scenario-building, to understand the benefits of the approach. Then, the role of technology in migration decision-making and migration journeys, which is the focus topic of the workshop, will be introduced.

Participants will be asked to identify and visualise migration drivers related to technology that have led to the migration patterns and trends we see today. They will then be asked to reflect on their perspectives of migration, how quickly technological factors and migration patterns evolve, and what degree of change we can expect by 2030.

Scenario-building programme 2021

The additional, upcoming scenario-building exercises will each tackle different aspects of mixed migration scenarios for West and North Africa. Interested Rabat Process partners working on migration policy development and with an interest in West and North Africa are welcome to sign up to one or more of the upcoming exercises:

29th September 2021, 14h00-16h30 (Brussels time)
Identification of the future mixed migration certainties and uncertainties in North Africa and West Africa: The drivers of mixed migration (via zoom)

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27th October 2021, 14h00-16h30 (Brussels time)
Identification of blind spots and weak signals and examining their implications for policy responses: Environmental change (via zoom)

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2022 - Date and place to be confirmed
Developing future mixed migration scenarios in North Africa and West Africa

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