The new video “The Rabat Process in a nutshell” provides a quick and comprehensive introduction to the Euro-African Dialogue on Migration and Development, more commonly known as the Rabat Process. Over the past fifteen years, the Rabat Process has brought together hundreds of stakeholders for an open Dialogue on migration and mobility, in line with the principles of solidarity, partnership and shared responsibility.

The Rabat Process has distinguished itself as a dynamic framework that evolves in line with developments in the migration context and its political environment. The video highlights the Dialogue’s main features and achievements. Since its creation in 2006, over 85 dialogue meetings have been organized in Africa and Europe and over 50 tools to build knowledge and support decision-making have been developed. The video also provides an overview of the main stakeholders and their distinct roles, as well as the evolution of the thematic pillars addressed by the Dialogue’s multi-annual cooperation programmes.

View the video below: