How might the future of work drive migration in 2035 in West and North Africa? Rabat Process partners will explore this question during the upcoming virtual Mixed Migration Futures Workshop on 1st December 2021, organised by the Rabat Process Secretariat in partnership with the Mixed Migration Centre (MMC).

The workshop is the second in a series of workshops that discuss the future of mixed migration against the backdrop of current megatrends, such as technology, climate change and the future of work.

The workshop will provide contextual information on demography, technology, and labour market trends before diving into MMC’s 4Mi data from West and North Africa and implications for future migration scenarios and policies. Participants will become familiar with the skills profiles of people on the move from West and North Africa and how different economic drivers feature in people’s migration decision-making. Furthermore, they will be introduced to a set of overarching migration trends and drivers related to the future of work, their potential consequences for migration and key implications for migration policy-making. This will provide the basis for a facilitated discussion that will allow participants to share their perspectives on the future of work, mixed migration trends and policies in their countries and regions.

“Mixed Migration Futures Workshop: How might the future of work drive migration in 2035?”
1st December 2021, 14:00-15:00 CET/Brussels time

Registrations to the virtual meeting are open until 1st December 2021:
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