In a world, which is becoming increasingly interconnected, exploring future developments and their potential impact on mixed migration is crucial for evidence-based migration policy. Based on this conviction, the Rabat Process Secretariat, in collaboration with the Mixed Migration Centre (MMC), is offering a series of workshops to explore migration futures based on MMC’s latest data and research.

Covid-19 restrictions continue to limit the possibility for in-person meetings, which are an essential element of any activity designed to transfer new skills and knowledge – as was originally envisaged within the Rabat Process – Mixed Migration Centre (MMC) Scenario-building programme. The newly developed “Mixed Migration Futures Workshops” programme – which replaces the scenario-building exercises - features two virtual workshops and one in-person event.

The forthcoming migration futures workshops will explore migration futures - using MMC’s 4mi data and existing literature - through the lens of topical and hotly debated mega-trends. The first two workshops will take place via Zoom and focus on climate change (27th October 2021, 14.00-15.45) and the future of work (1st December 2021).

Climate Change – virtual workshop : 27th October 2021 (14h00-15h45)

What will be the impact of climate change, and which populations will be most affected?

Participants in this workshop will become familiar with the latest research on the effects of climate-related events on migration, and the primary migration outcomes: immobility, internal displacement and international movements. They will also be introduced to priority policy areas for future migration policy-making and planning. MMC will present its data on environmental drivers in West and North Africa and its new conceptual framework on environmental drivers of movement.

The future of work – virtual workshop (1st December 2021 14h00-15h00)

How will global and regional economic and labour market trends – both of which are critical to migrants and refugees – affect the volume and direction of future mixed migration flows? Is the increasing importance of automation going to make entire sectors susceptible to large scale obsolescence? How will this impact the demand of foreign workforce globally?

For more information and registration, watch this space!

Final workshop – in-person workshop

The fourth and last session, to be held in person, will bring together all the elements touched upon during the previous online sessions and will be the occasion to collectively reflect on future mixed migration scenarios and their implication for policy-making in the Rabat Process region.

Who can sign up?

The workshops are open to all Rabat Process partners working on migration policy development and with an interest in West and North Africa. Each workshop is a “standalone” activity, so participants are welcome to attend only one or several of the events. French/English interpretation will be provided throughout.

You may view the agenda of the workshop on climate change here or sign up to the upcoming workshops below: