Paris, 24-25 April 2014, hosted by France. 

Participating States worked to identify good practices and concrete initiatives with regard to managing the movement of persons during the crisis phase, their stay in host countries and the return of displaced persons in the post-crisis phase, with the aim of establishing or strengthening regional cooperation and coordination mechanisms. 

They also sought to identify cooperation and coordination mechanisms to maximize the contribution to development of migrants and refugees in Europe and in Africa, in a crisis and post-crisis phase.

Consult and download presentations

  • Presentation by Cote d'Ivoire on migrations in cris¡s context 
  • Presentation by Mali on the contribution of the diaspora in a post-crisis context
  • Presentation by France on the Franc-Malian migration and mobility programme for development
  • Presentation by Niger on temporary admission and protection of migrants in context of crisis
  • Presentation by UNHCR on population movements in a crisis context within Rabat Process
  • Presentation by ICMPD on population movements resulting from crisis situations in the MTM region - a multidimensional phenomenon: drawing lessons from experiences in Tunisia, Libya, Mali and Syria
  • Presentation by ECOWAS on migrants in a crisis context in the ECOWAS region
  • Presentation by ECCAS on the role of Economic Community of Central African States on migrants in a context of crisis
  • Presentation by IOM on its approach to migration crisis
  • Presentation by IOM on the contribution of the diaspora to development in post crisis contexts
  • Presentation by FORIM on the contribution of diasporas in time of crisis and post-crisis and collaboration mechanisms between diasporas organisations and civil society
  • Presentation (bilingual FR/EN) by Migrinter on the contribution of diasporas in time of crisis and post-crisis